The 10 Must-Try Chilled Soups of Summer

Technically it’s still spring, but as a prelude of tough, tough times to come…the weather has been hot as hell lately.

                 What ever happened to the good ole hip bump?!

So you know what that means! Time to do what the proto-hipster girls of Bananarama do and shack up with a trucker and head to the Hamptons!…


But let’s be real, no trucker’s gonna pick you up if you keep eating those memorial day burgers, so before you un hook your osh kosh b’gosh and let it all hang out, how about a few days on a chilled summer soup diet?

Here are 10 delicious summer soups, to help you kick off the season right and avoid whaling it up.

Stay cool kids,


1. Spicy Watermelon Soup


2.  Authentic Spanish Gazpachofinal-authentic-spanish-gazpacho-shot

3.  Chilled Mediterranean Borscht w/ Figs and Za’atar Spice2015-01-20 17.53.42

4. Pea & Mint Soup 2015-01-08 14.09.43

5. Zuppa Caprese (Mozarella Soup!) Mozarella-soup-zuppa-caprese

6. Persian Yogurt Soup

7.Chipotle Avocado SoupChipotle Avocado Soup

8. Fruit Soup!Strawberry soup

9. Cucumber Buttermilk Soupno-cook_cucumber_buttermilk_soup_horiz

10. Chilled Corn Soup with Drunken Tequila Shrimpchilled-corn-soup-with-drunken-shrimp

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